Monday, February 20, 2012

The floating tribute to the fallen World Trade Center, USS New York, unfortunately another icon of America's defiance of God

Someone recently sent me an email honoring our American military in which the last part was about the USS New York, the battleship built from steel from the collapsed World Trade Center. I'd seen information about this before, it circulates especially among patriotic conservatives, but this time I had Jonathan Cahn's revelations about 9/11 in mind as I read it, as did the person who sent it to me.

It's one thing to know that 9/11 was God's warning judgment on America, but another to know that God Himself spoke to America through events connected with that day. This He did in such an immediate and personal way that you can almost see its significance reaching into the future, heralding new judgments to come because the nation failed to recognize God's hand in the attack, failed to humble ourselves and repent in response to it. Instead we did the equivalent of shaking our fist at God, though of course we THOUGHT it was only shaking our fist at the terrorists.

It is touching to read about the reverence the steelworkers who molded part of the ship felt about it. The foundry operations manager said that when the trade center steel first arrived he touched it with his hand and the "hair on my neck stood up." "It had a big meaning to it for all of us" he said, "They knocked us down, they can't keep us down. We're going to be back up."

Moving though such patriotic expressions may be, if you know about the harbingers or omens of 9/11 that were discovered by Jonathan Cahn, it must give you a shudder to see this same sentiment expressed again and again like this. "We're going to be back up," not, "God is judging America, we must repent," but "They can't keep us down, we're going to be back up," exactly the same sentiment God Himself pointed to in Isaiah 9:10 through many irrefutable signs to show the identity between ancient Israel's defiance of God and America's after 9/11.

So I worry for the ship and its crew. If the mere steel from the trade center made a man's hair stand on end, surely we know God's hand is on that steel and now it's in that ship and it signifies God's judgment, and how can that ship be safe under such circumstances?

It was the seventh ship to be named after the city of New York, and the number seven strongly figures in certain events since 9/11 that Cahn discovered. The ship was commissioned on November 9 of 2009. What time factor may apply from that date forward I don't know but God's judgments keep ticking away and I can only fear for the future of that icon to 9/11.

"We're going to be back up?" Not according to God, not in any permanent way for sure. The only way back up is down: on our knees in repentance and prayer.

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