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Revelations about the ANTI-Christian beliefs of the Founders and deceptions about Christian America that many are falling for these days

Revelations about the anti-Christian beliefs of the American founding fathers, that I first discovered through a film by Chris Pinto at You Tube, are very disturbing to a conservative patriotic American Christian. But I'm now convinced that these revelations are really as important as Jonathan Cahn's about God's message to America in events surrounding 9/11. The deceptions that contemporary Christians fall into come at us from every direction these days, and unfortunately they are so utterly unexpected and Christians so woefully unprepared to stand against them, that most of us fall into at least some of them.

I certainly fell for the patriotic Christian view of the founding fathers that has been promoted particularly by David Barton over the last couple of decades. You must be convinced, if you watch Chris Pinto's revelations, that Barton was not playing with a full deck in his claims that America's founders were true Christians. Whether he fooled himself as well isn't clear, but now he's supporting Glenn Beck the Mormon as a "Christian" and has become thoroughly untrustworthy whether his misguided views are intentional or he is deceived himself.

Barton's claims are trusted and propagated still by most Christians, and Glenn Beck himself is also a strong propagator of the "Christian" basis of America, which I too accepted as true, although knowing Beck is a Mormon ought to be a warning in itself that something may not be quite right about what he's promoting. Beck is a very talented and convincing spokesman for American conservatism and patriotism. It really kind of takes the wind out of you to begin to see through such apparently righteous opinions to hidden deceptions. The whole Christian-Founders position needs to be exposed as deception. Truly Satan presents himself as "an angel of light."

Need to add here that this doesn't mean that America is not Christian in a very basic sense nevertheless, as the original settlers were genuine Christians, the Pilgrims and Puritans. But their Christian beliefs were betrayed by the generation of the Revolution and the Founding of the nation. These revelations have got me wondering why it is that God has so clearly blessed America, as He truly has, up until fairly recently, and it must be because of the Christian beliefs and lives of the original settlers as well as the majority of the population.

There is also the fact that the founders DID insist on prayer for the nation, recognizing the sovereign power of God and the need to trust Him for the nation's success. Even Benjamin Franklin called for prayer in Congress to assure God's favor on the proceedings, and he was among the least Christian of the founders. That prayer was so prominent on their agenda is puzzling after you realize just how anti-Christian the main leaders were -- which is revealed in Pinto's films on the subject. But the Deists of those days apparently believed in a God who hears prayer, they just didn't believe in Christ as God Himself and salvation through His death and resurrection, which is made only too clear in Pinto's films. It does seem to be the case that God heard George Washington's inaugural prayers for the nation that were made from that little chapel at the corner of Ground Zero that is a big part of Jonathan Cahn's revelations about 9/11, and that the blessings that God had bestowed on this nation dedicated to God in so many ways were rescinded by God at the very same place on 9/11.

Puzzling. Uncanny. Disturbing. Breath-taking really.

As far as I know, the revelations originated with Chris Pinto, but they have recently been taken up by Brannon Howse of Worldview Weekend as well. He is doing a three-part radio series -- the second aired today and the third will air tomorrow -- on a film made by Kirk Cameron that is to come out at the end of March titled Monumental, which is about a little-known monument to the founding fathers of America that claims to reflect the beliefs of the Pilgrim settlers of America. As Howse, Pinto and Decker make clear, that monument is utterly pagan in all its imagery, and was established by Masons, reflecting Masonic beliefs about "God" and has nothing Christian about it at all. An open Bible is part of it but "God" is presented as the generic "higher power" rather than the God of the Bible, and the Masons could just as easily have put a Koran in its place. If the Pilgrims had been around when this monument was created they would have denounced it as a work of Satan.

They would also most likely have denounced the generation of the Revolution and the Founders as followers of Satan.

Sobering stuff. Important stuff.

Chris Pinto also discusses this on his radio show for 2/29/11, titled Council of Trent And More, which is an interesting subject in itself, but most of the broadcast he spends discussing Kirk Cameron's film he'd also been discussing on the Worldview Weekend broadcast I've linked above.

This is a perfect, a classic, example of how Christians can be deceived. It's important to know about this.

Brannon Howse's broadcasts are only available free to the public for 14 days after airing, and then they become part of his archives that you have to subscribe to. Pinto's broadcasts I believe are free at any time.

There are plenty of "watchmen" or "discernment" type ministries out there that have also aimed to "expose" such Masonic and pagan roots of the American founding, but in my experience some of them are themselves so untrustworthy I have trouble taking them seriously even though some of what they say may be true. Their "evidence" is often incomplete, sometimes little more than circumstantial, often accusing people of guilt by association. They jump to conclusions without really proving the conclusions justified by the facts, although they themselves are thoroughly convinced by what seem to them to be sufficient facts, even saying things like "it's a no-brainer to me." Seems to me there is plenty of reason to think they are just being carried away, and worse, accusing true Christians of intentional deception that is not warranted. They show little concern that by trusting in their own personal grasp of the facts they may be accusing a true brother in Christ of intentional deception who is himself merely led away by a deception -- which any of us can be these days. I've heard too many true Christians denounced by such incautious "ministries" even as "devils" to the point I can barely take any of it seriously any more and just have to pray for the teacher who is behaving like a bull in a china shop, and possibly dangerously worse than that, letting himself be overcome by emotion through lack of complete knowledge and in fact setting himself up against God without knowing it.

But Chris Pinto's revelations about the founding fathers just blew me away with his careful mustering of evidence and objective attitude. Brannon Howse also has the same attitude and is very careful to acknowledge that Kirk Cameron is a true brother in Christ although he is trying to show that he is deceived about the meaning of this monument he has been championing in the film about it.

Here's a page on the program at Worldview Weekend:

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