Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The growing apostasy makes revival risky

More Christians are recognizing the validity of Jonathan Cahn's revelation of God's messages to America about 9/11, which ought to herald a great awakening beginning with the repentance of the churches. That and only that could prevent God's judgments against America that the "harbingers" are all about, and lead to the recovery of God's blessings on the nation. And I'm still doing what I can to promote it simply because this is truly God's own word to us.

At the same time it is so clear that the churches are going off in so many false directions these days my old forbodings about a false revival are coming back in force, and it's becoming hard to welcome any revival at all, even one that would come in response to these uncanny revelations of God's judgments against the nation.

I think it was A. W. Tozer I first heard say something along these lines. There are times when the condition of the churches makes revival a bad idea.

I've been willing to accept that the Brownsville "revival" of a decade or so ago was most likely truly from God despite my initial misgivings, because of a few people who seemed to be having genuine experiences, although I still have to question others, and if the questionable ones were all I'd seen I wouldn't have been so convinced it was from God.

In any case it seems like a "weak" revival, heavy on the physical phenomena that former true revivals always played down. We don't need more of those. We need revival that majors in repentance for the sins of the churches and the sins of the nation and a return to pure doctrine, and a revived national moral conscience that comes as a consequence of the purification of the churches.

But even as I contemplate that as the desired direction I'm aware of all the false movements growing up these days that would be waiting in the wings to co-opt any such move of the Spirit and turn it into a false revival that would be extremely hard to distinguish from the true.

Right now we've got politicians and pundits who preach policies a true conservative Christian wants to hear and yet they are Catholics and Mormons. Two of the Republican candidates are Catholics, one is a Mormon. Then there is Glenn Beck who is a popular and very articulate spokesman for conservative politics, but his Mormonism, and now his Mormonism aligning itself with Catholicism as well, is becoming blatantly obviously his main agenda. He'd turn revival to purposes a true Christian couldn't welcome. And he keeps calling for a revival too, again no revival a Christian could welcome. David Barton, former champion of evangelical hopes for the revival of a supposedly once-Christian nation, has sadly joined with Glenn Beck and dashed all such hopes for anyone who has a solid Biblical basis. Any revival that got co-opted by these false religionists would become a false revival in the service of false religion, mislead people away from Christ and the nation closer to judgment.

There are many supposed evangelicals who have already proved their lack of discernment by embracing both Mormons and Catholics as genuine Christians, evangelicals who denounce the true evangelicals who do have good Biblical discernment and refuse to link with Mormonism and Catholicism, as "haters" who fail at the most basic requirement of Christian love. And there are some who reject Mormonism but accept Catholicism, to make it even more complicated, such as Franklin Graham, following after his father Billy Graham.

With that kind of twistedness out there, my hope for a genuine revival is foundering and I'm beginning to see the "harbinger" revelations, that should be the catalyst to true revival, instead as God's witnesses against America that are going to stand against the nation to the last day. What could have inspired the purification the churches need probably shouldn't happen even if it could at this point, so the nation can only continue to deteriorate under God's judgments while the global-minded church keeps building the platform for the rise of the Antichrist.

Now I'm more inclined in the direction of wanting to see what's left of the true churches and true Christians be strengthened in Biblical foundations, so we can "stand in that evil day" maybe manage to shout truth into the storm as it swirls around us -- if we're still here when it breaks.

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