Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The gay marriage "right" in California: another nail in the coffin being built for America

I gotta say that after a California court just decided today that a majority of the voters can't ban gay marriage (they forget that MAJORITY RULE is the constitutional standard and simply impose their own godless standard instead), I feel like doing an Elijah and praying for the state to dry up with no rain for three years.

No wonder the nation is under judgment. I still think Jonathan Cahn's revelations of 9/11 as indisputably irrefutably God's warning judgment to America ought to be sufficient to wake enough people up to save the nation (shouldn't take a majority. What was it, ten righteous for whom God said He'd save Sodom?), but it could be we've gone beyond His patience with us and I don't see anybody waking up anyway.

We actually think voting can possibly make a difference at this point? God's in charge of politics too and obviously He isn't in a mood to give us much hope there. Business as usual. All the way down to the grave, or Sharia Law or whatever is going to be our judgment.

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