Sunday, July 5, 2009


The dire situation of America came up again at Faith's Corner, just the day after America's birthday, and this time I thought I'd see what I can put together in a separate blog about whether there's any hope for the nation.

I don't know where my own hope came from but even to be thinking in this direction implies some hope. I'd pretty much given up, you see. I gave up on politics some time ago, but then I also gave up on the churches, and it's the churches that have the ultimate responsibility for what happens in the nation. Of course most Christians pray for the nation, but the church is in a bad way too, needing God's correction before there's much hope the nation can be corrected.

There are some prophetic voices out there trying to call the church back, trying to call the nation back, but there are also lots of false prophets making it difficult to hear the true. There are also lots of Christians who think they and their churches are immune to such problems, and while they lament the moral and spiritual degeneration of America they don't see themselves as having any power to do anything about it, or any responsibility for the situation in the first place.

The late Leonard Ravenhill was one of the strongest prophetic voices who spoke directly to America's moral decline and the church's role in it as well as the hope the church would wake up and experience true revival, which is really the only hope for the nation, and I want to start out this blog with his deeply concerned messages.

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