Sunday, February 12, 2012

Crash Courses available on Christian Worldview

In the previous post I mention that we've lost our Christian worldview, which means western culture is now laboring under something else, a sort of pagan secular conglomerate with false tones of quasi-Christianity, which is exemplified in the examples I gave. We did once have a coherent consistent Christian worldview, and so did Europe. Not perfect, not unchallenged, but dominant, coherent and consistent. Its loss is part of the judgment western nations are under.

In recent years some ministries have sprung up with the intent of identifying the Christian worldview for the sake of Christians who are also losing it under the onslaught of the world, the flesh and the devil. I just want to point to them in this post and maybe later discuss them.

The Truth Project which is taught by Del Tackett and put out on DVDs by Focus on the Family is a twelve-part seminar style teaching that systematically addresses all the elements of society explaining the Christian view of that element and the pagan worldview that has been supplanting it. My brother who is a fairly new Christian fell in love with this training, found it incredibly eye-opening and hopes to find time to teach it himself when he retires next year. Here's the website

The other major ministry devoted to teaching a Christian worldview that I'm aware of is Brannon Howse's Worldview Weekend. He offers courses that cover the material systematically but on his website you find discussions of separate elements in no particular order, which may fail to get across that there is such a thing as a consistent systematic Christian worldview. Here's the link to the main site.

He does have a Christian Worldview test you can take, however, which may be the most concentrated way to get a sense of what is meant by a Christian worldview, at this link. (I passed with "flying colors" as they say, I don't remember if it was with a perfect score, it's been a while, but near-perfect anyway).

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