Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sigh. More evidence of fraud on Obama's birth certificate

I've encountered some pretty adamant opinion that the newly offered long firm birth certificate really is authentic, that "Kenya, East Africa" WAS used back in 1961, that others with birth certificates from the same year ALSO have that hospital name on theirs, that "African" was the way they designated race in Hawaii even if it isn't correct. Well, if all that is true, fine, I'd be glad to have all this put to rest finally.

But it doesn't seem to be going away. There are still those who say it's a fake, and even an obvious fake, that anyone who really knows Photoshop KNOWS it's a fake. And some of the things said got me to look more closely at the document myself. One thing was that the letters and numbers don't even all match, though they would have if the document had all been typed on the same typewriter, as would of course normally have been the case in 1961.

So I took a little more careful look and it does seem that there are odd mismatches. Click on the image I've reproduced below to check it out for yourself. (By the way, I only recently discovered that it's possible to zoom in on a screen image -- the option is on the tool bar at the lower right hand corner of my screen. Of course I'm very low tech and everybody else may know this already, but if not, you should know that you can use that feature to look VERY closely at this document).

For instance, compare the capital "A" in "African" with the one in "Africa" on the next line. In "African" the A is flush with the f next to it; in "Africa" it's higher than the f. Typewriter letters always hit the page at the same level. If one key was bent it was always bent, it didn't sometimes hit level and sometimes not.

Same thing with the capital "K." In "Kenya" and "Kalanianaole" it's on the same level as the letter to its right. In "Kapiolani" it's a tad higher and a bit further left from the "a." In "Kansas" it is MUCH higher than the "a" and fainter too, as if the letter hadn't struck the page evenly. That happened with old typewriters but if it happened once it happened every time the letter was struck and that's not the case in this document. Typewriters don't behave that way and they didn't have word processing in 1961.

Also check out the "R" in "BARACK," both the father Barack and the son Barack. No match. Also compare the "O" in "Oahu" with the "O" in "Obama." No match.

From what I've heard the signs of fraud in this document go much beyond these few observations, and I'm not going to take any more time right now ferreting it out myself. In fact the fraud is so obvious it appears to be intentional. No respect for the American citizen, no respect for the office of President, no respect for the Constitution, let's just lead them all around the mulberry bush. We still don't know where Obama was born but by now we ought to know that the man is playing a game of evasion and deceit which makes it very probable that he was not born in this country.

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