Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Evidence that the American Founding was NOT Christian

Received this link in my email today from a Christian ministry, for The Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers, a three-hour movie showing that the American founding was pretty much exclusively the product of the Enlightenment, through Freemasonry and the Illuminati, not the product of Biblical thinking as some Christian ministries have claimed.


I've heard some of this before but never so convincingly presented. I DID already know that Jefferson, Paine and Franklin were not Christians, nor Adams, because he was a Unitarian, and I don't know how anyone ever said otherwise, but even the idea that some of the PRINCIPLES of the founding were Christian despite the beliefs of the founders takes a hit in this presentation. For me, the greatest revelation is about George Washington's beliefs.

But I have to admit that overall ANY claim for Christian inspiration of the United States government has been soundly debunked in this presentation. Perhaps the hardest part to digest is that the champion of the Christian argument, David Barton, is shown to have quoted out of context in such a way as to bring his motives into question.

I still need to hear answering arguments from the other side but at the very least I'm now convinced that whatever Christian thinking did influence the American founding is highly compromised by the evident anti-Christian influences.

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