Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Birth Certificate Flap again

Yeah, I know, this has supposedly been put to rest many times over by now, with supposed evidence that Obama was born in the U.S., in Hawaii. Yes, I know there are even Conservatives who believe he was born in the U.S. And yes, there is SOME kind of evidence to that effect, a "Certification of Live Birth" (that doesn't look like any birth certificate I've ever seen -- doesn't look like mine, that's for sure), and a couple of birth announcements in Hawaiian newspapers. Yes, it sort of almost looks like solid enough evidence. But is it really?

We've heard he paid a couple million dollars or so dealing with this question. Did he? If he did, we're just supposed to pretend that means nothing and not let it make us even more suspicious than we already are?

I've also heard it said that he's just playing us, that he really was born in the U.S. and could prove it in a moment but he wants to play the Right for all it's worth and spring it on us when it will do the most damage to his political opponents.

And we're supposed to accept that a President can just withhold evidence required by the Constitution in order to benefit himself politically? I guess in this benighted age fraud is the new righteous, huh?

Yes, there's lots of supposed evidence out there that he was "really" born in Hawaii. Here's a link to MSNBC on the subject from a poster at EvC:

To sum up the above article:
- The long form birth certificate exists
- The long form birth certificate is state property and by law cannot be released to the public
- The shorter "certification of live birth" is what anybody would get from the state when they requested a copy of their birth certiificate

"What he got, everybody got," said Fukino. "He put out exactly what everybody gets when they ask for a birth certificate."

- Along with the birth certificate, Obama's birth is registered in a public index of vital records
Excuse me, but this doesn't do it for me. When I applied for my birth certificate some twenty or so years ago I got a photocopy of the complete "long form" birth certificate, not something that looked like this document that we are supposed to accept for Obama.

This is so lame: Sure, the original is state property and can't be released to THE PUBLIC, but it CAN be released to Obama himself and HE HAS AN OBLIGATION TO GET IT AND SHOW IT TO US. The certificate he did manage to get supposedly verifies that "the long form birth certificate exists" -- yeah, but since he COULD get the long form for us and doesn't do that, what's to prove the short form is not a fake -- a fake he paid for?

Also, my brother tells me he was also sent something like that short form certificate when he applied about fifteen years ago for his -- he thinks for a passport -- but that when he submitted it for whatever the purpose was he'd requested it they rejected it, and he had to go back to the records office and get them to provide him with the original (long form) certificate.

This raises questions in MY mind, don't know about yours.

If Obama did spend a lot of money on this, exactly what did he pay for anyway? Possibly a fake Certification of Live Birth? Even possibly the entry of his name in the Index of Vital Records? Or perhaps he did get listed there when he was born in Kenya because somebody notified them at the time? That's how it could have happened with the announcements in the newspapers too. I don't know, of course, but this whole thing is so fishy it just has to raise such questions for anyone who really does care about the truth.

Sorry, but that "Certification of Live Birth" is NOT the kind of certificate that "anybody would get" and even if it is for some reason what is given out more recently than when I applied, if my brother is right it isn't regarded as a legal document anyway for some purposes. My brother got HIS long form when he went back and requested it, why can't Obama? That would put all the doubts to rest and surely his is just as available to him as anyone's is. I have mine, it's what they USED to send you automatically. Why they stopped I have no idea but it makes no sense that they stopped. We usually need our birth certificates for a variety of legal purposes including passports -- we need the LEGAL long form version, not this substitute. What good is this substitute anyway? Sure makes ME wonder if the one he produced -- after paying for it? -- isn't a fake anyway.

Then there's that birth certificate from KENYA that's been floating around the internet for some time now. That looks authentic in a way this "short form" from Hawaii doesn't. Sure, they say it's a forgery, but the same is suspected of the Hawaiian certificate and anyone can say anything, where's the ironclad PROOF? AND there's the report that his Kenyan grandmother said she was there when he was born, AND there's the claim that other Kenyans think of him as a Kenyan and there are even some sort of monuments to his citizenship there.

Sorry, if he was born in this country,

1) He has an OBLIGATION to produce IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE, not something open to question as this document is. If only to quell all the suspiciousness. If he CAN quell it he SHOULD quell it.

2) It should not be hard to produce it. I have irrefutable evidence of MY birth in this country, my brother has his. Why is it so hard for Obama?

Donald Trump is asking these questions these days too and he's got the money to do the research. Good for him I say.

The Left wants us to stuff it. Sorry, the truth in this case requires more than we've been shown.

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