Friday, April 22, 2011

THE LYING LEFTIST MEDIA (Obama Birth Certificate) and the accusation of racism

Aren't there some decent leftists who can't tolerate this stuff either? There must be some out there.

Just the usual. An Associated Press write-up on the political impact of the issue of where Obama was born, that hasn't the decency or honesty to explain why there is a question, just spins out the leftist view of it. Read this piece of bald-faced biased "reporting:"
In recent days several prominent Republicans have distanced themselves, with varying degrees of emphasis, from the false claim that Obama was born in a foreign country.
Right, JUST FLATLY CALL IT a "false claim" which is the leftist view so all who suspect it may be true that he was born in a foreign country are guilty of supporting a claim that is KNOWN to be false.

I'm so glad there is going to be a Judgment Day where liars get their comeuppance. These reporters don't even make a pretense any more of neutrality and objectivity. The American left both in government and in the media is now just a bunch of Chicago thug politicos who don't care how they win.
Obama's birth certificate indicates he was born in Hawaii in 1961.
If that were really an indisputably authentic birth certificate there wouldn't be these questions, but these liars don't care why there are questions, they just want to make it look like there is no such thing as a legitimate question.


I cover all this in the blog post down the page.

Right, there is no more America, we're just another banana republic ruled by thugs so why am I going on about this anyway?


Wed. April 27.

Sigh. So today he supposedly produces the long form birth certificate -- while smearing people who raised legitimate questions about why he didn't produce it long ago, what was he spending all that money on and so on.

Nevertheless, at first I was relieved: Finally, it's over.

Then legitimate questions came up about that document too. How come the hospital is given a name that it didn't have until 1978 if this certificate is really from 1961? The hospital had existed since the 1890s but it was called something else before 1978. I googled the name on the certificate and that information is given at Wikipedia.

And how come Obama's father's race is put down as "African" when that is not a race and it was standard in 1961 to put "Negro" for a black father?

There's no end to the fishiness. We ARE a banana republic run by thugs.


Another piece of slimy propaganda being put out by the Left is that the only reason anyone is suspicious of Obama's birthplace is that they are racist. Doesn't matter how obvious the problems are with the evidence supplied, they are going to call it racism. The evil just doesn't stop these days.

Just for the record I'd take Alan Keyes as President any day, and Allen West is looking awfully good too. So much for racism in my questioning Obama's credentials.

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