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Charlotte Iserbyt: The deliberate design to destroy America through Education

Sometimes I don't think I can stand to learn any more about the conspiracies that have led to the nation's current sad condition, but they keep coming. I don't follow the heavy duty conspiracy people but Chris Pinto's information is enough all by itself to do me in these days.

He's talked about the Reese Committee of the 1950s and I watched the video with Norman Dodd, about the plot by the big foundations that dedicate their endowment funds to making America Communist.   I thought I posted a video about that but I can't find it so I'll link or embed it at the bottom of this post.

Today he's talking about a woman who worked in the Reagan administration who came across that same information, and I'll embed a couple videos of interviews with her below.

Recently Pinto has discussed Richard Wurmbrand's study, Marx and Satan, which I have and have to suppose I read at one time, but maybe I didn't know enough to take it to heart then; now hearing it quoted by Pinto, every word that came straight from the mouth of Satan through Marx was like a punch in the stomach. What a horrible recognition, an encounter with the evil in reality that you'd really rather not know about. It makes sense when you find out that Hitler was involved in occultism and satanism, because you know what he DID, but that a mere written theory could exert such a powerful satanic punch, even be the spirit behind ALL the murderous regimes based on it -- the idea becomes overwhelming. (No wonder they all so POINTEDLY target Christianity, take away Bibles. See my post on Faith's Corner today about how that went down in China under Mao in the 60s).

I have to say I've recently acquired a new "appreciation" if that's the word, for the nature and devices of the Prince of Darkness as I've been learning about the success of plots to change the cultural climate of America and the world. Who would ever have thought all that was INTENTIONAL? This is like going back in time to see the seeds of Obama's "Hope and Change" being planted and tended, all growing up in the dark over decades nourished by this agent of Satan and that one, and now about to bear its evil fruit in some way we can hardly imagine.  And Obama is only one branch. He himself said a couple decades ago that he was going to be President of the US one day. He said that to a mailman who reported it not long ago. Gives you a sense of how evil plots its course over time.

Obama seems to many to have come out of nowhere, and he did, he came up "by intrigue" so fast it makes you dizzy, but the whole thing has been plotted for decades, in a certain sense even centuries. And what ELSE is waiting in the wings to emerge? The vast majority in America, or the West or the world for that matter, are certainly not prepared for what's coming and I can hardly stomach what I'm finding out to this point. The verse from the Bible that says something about how people's hearts will fail them as they begin to see what's coming on the earth keeps coming to mind. 

Luk 21:26  Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth:

Information about all this is coming out now when it's probably too late to do anything about it.

Prayer. Satan is defeated by the sword of the Spirit.

Still, to see how far he's already gone with his destructive plans takes the breath away.

Some of us have noticed the way the schools have been turning out uneducated politically correct idiots for decades now, but did it ever occur to us that this was INTENTIONALLY engineered?  Only in the sense that it seemed this poisonous mindset had some kind of ability to propagate itself by popularity or the charisma of teachers or something like that perhaps, not as something consciously thought up for the very purpose of destroying the nation.

So now it's coming out that there has been a well orchestrated program of BRAINWASHING of the last few generations through the school system of America, AGAINST the basic traditional values of Western Civilization. 

Have you ever tried arguing with any of these brainwashed people?  They have the most amazing ability to reject everything you say, twist it into something you didn't mean, to set you up as this evil enemy of whatever value they are promoting at the moment, and answer you with amazing conviction and the ring of authority, although the answer is nothing but sophistry, pure intellectual garbage.  Boy have they been well indoctrinated.  THAT tells you something about the power of Satan.


Change from good to evil, evil to good.  What else?

The face of evil has taken on a reality it never had before for me, hard as stone, utterly implacable, merciless. 

The more I learn about what's behind so many of the disturbing realities that have bothered me for so long the more heartbreaking it all is.  

So today I listened to this short interview with Charlotte Iserbyt (pronounced Izzerbee) who wrote a book titled The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America:

And now I'm listening to this more recent and longer interview with Mrs. Iserbyt.

Here's Part 2 of the interview which focuses on the role of the Skull and Bones Society in contributing to the Marxification of America and the world.

Here's another interview with her which covers all the same material but she may have said some of it better in this one.

American Deception is a website run by Charlotte Iserbyt's son. The entire 3000-page Reese Committee Report is at this site according to her.

Here's The interview with Norman Dodd about the Congressional investigations in the 50s  into the Tax Exempt Foundations which found out that they were engaged in promoting Communism in America through such plots as rewriting history books for the schools.

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