Friday, February 8, 2013

James Madison on the Likelihood of a Federal Government takeover

The gun control people are still hammering away at their insane "solution" to the problem of crazy mass murderers of taking away the guns of ordinary citizens in defiance of the Second Amendment.

Chris Pinto's radio show today is about something James Madison wrote in the Federalist Papers, number 46 I believe, that relates to this issue.  Madison seems to be trying to imagine the worst possible scenario of how the federal government could usurp enough power to threaten the rights of the states, and argues that it's extremely unlikely given the checks and balances built into the design of the new government. 

The scenario he envisions would require a series of Presidents to be voted in who shared the same traitorous objective, while the states and citizens just passively allow it to happen.  The quote is a bit hard to follow, but Pinto's presentation seems to bring out its main intention.  That is, Madison doesn't think such a series of Presidents with such a corrupt aim could occur, but Pinto points out that we've been seeing a trend for some time now, at least back to George Bush Sr and probably quite a bit further back than that, of world-government-mindedness that can certainly be considered to be traitorous, and could be regarded as setting up the conditions for federal power he didn't think could happen. 

He also said that if such a plan were perceived by the states they would respond with the same alarm and intent as the revolutionary war fighters did, to defend the country from such an act of tyranny.

This is just to get the gist of the message posted that Pinto presented, but of course it would help if I can get to the Federalist article itself eventually. 

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