Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dear Jonathan Cahn: Praying for the nation with nonChristians is a sure way to keep us on the road to judgment

I recently heard that Jonathan Cahn, author of The Harbinger, has been invited to speak at a prayer breakfast at the White House on the 21st, the day of President Obama's inauguration.  This event involves some well-known evangelicals but it also sounds ecumenical in spirit: 
While not an official event of the 2013 inaugural ceremonies, the Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast brings together faith and conservative leaders  in America to pray for the president and the nation.
Sounds awfully ecumenical to me.  "Faith and conservative leaders?"  What exactly does that mean?  Doesn't sound like they insist on having only saved Christians who believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

What good can it possibly do the nation to bring together people who don't all believe the true gospel of Jesus Christ?
"God called us in 1993 to begin to host an event to bring together people of faith to pray for the nation in the office of the presidency," [Merrie] Turner explained in an interview on Friday with Robertson on his CBN program "The 700 Club."
Can this be true?  Would God call together such a vague group of "people of faith" to pray for the nation if this includes believers in religions other than His true gospel?

A few names I found mentioned in various articles about this event appear to be true Christians but the general descriptions given above suggest that they don't feel obliged to limit themselves to these.  Since it's very common these days for evangelicals to treat Roman Catholics as Christians I'd expect at least their inclusion and this would already defeat the whole purpose of such a meeting.

This organization has been in effect since 1993 and it seems to me the nation has only gone from bad to worse since then.  What good has their praying done?  Perhaps in reality it has contributed to the degeneration of the country since God will not honor idolatries and profane prayer.

Jonathan Cahn wrote about signs given to him by the Lord that show that the attack of 9/11 was God's warning judgment on the nation and that worse is to be expected if the nation does not repent.   After 9/11 then-President George Bush called for prayer in the National Cathedral, including a Roman Catholic priest, a Jewish rabbi and a Muslim Imam, a perfect example of how to defeat your purpose if ever there was one.  You can't pray for the nation alongside members of false religions.  But that's what they did. 

Did things get better?  Well, Cahn's book details how things have not been getting better since 9/11 but the nation seems to be spiraling further downward to a much more destructive judgment from God.  Why isn't God hearing these prayers from the heart of our government?  Seems to me it's because clearly they are done in the very same spirit Cahn's book showcases that brought us 9/11 and will continue to bring further judgment.

That being the case, it can only be futility in the extreme to get together with a group that includes nonbelievers to pray for the fulfillment of the book's hope for national repentance and revival.  And worse than futility, it can only contribute to the curse on the nation.  What did God tell us?  "I will have no other gods before Me."  We are making the false gods of Catholicism and Islam and other religions equal to the true God by praying with them.  We are INVITING God's judgment in the very act of supposedly praying for repentance and revival.

My prayer can only be that Jonathan Cahn will refuse the invitation for such reasons.  I believe the message of his book WAS given by God but he can defeat it by participating in such an event.  He certainly cannot expect God to bless such an event.  He and the true Christians who participate in such things need to repent of THAT for starters if there could possibly be the slightest hope of national repentance and revival.

What is our call?  To separate from the world, to keep ourselves pure from the influences of the world, the flesh and the devil.  If it really matters it will cost us.  If we are serious about wanting GOD to move and not just indulging our own fleshly ideas about how He should move, it MUST cost.  It's only when the seed falls to the ground and DIES that life is the result.  Revival means resuscitation, a return to Life.  If we want it the first thing we have to do is DIE to ourselves, our own ideas about how to do God's work and everything that God abhors.

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  1. In Romans chapter 10 talks about how shall they hear without a preacher? I thought he did a good job of bringing a message of truth. Trying to pray to a one god serves all is wrong and I really don't this is what happened.....just saying