Sunday, January 13, 2013

Very articulate Ben Shapiro argues with Piers Morgan on Gun Control

You Tube video of Piers Morgan interviewing Ben Shapiro on Gun Control. Shapiro is quick witted and gets his points in.

What I get out of this more than anything else is that Morgan expresses incredulity to the often repeated reason for guns given by my side, that their main purpose is for self defense against GOVERNMENT tyranny.

The usual response is that handguns and rifles couldn't do much if the government really did attack the people, as if removing even those means of self defense would improve that situation.

At least Morgan shows what I think the real attitude is, that we're foolish to think our government would ever do such a thing [giant eye-roll here], which of course strikes at the very heart of the reason for the Second Amendment.

Frankly, I think Brits should have more respect than to comment on our American situation at all. I find it really offensive myself.

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