Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Why is the Nation so Polarized? (No real mystery)

That's what the headline at Yahoo asks. And we ARE that polarized. There is just about NO agreement between the two sides and there is plenty of rancor on both sides toward the other. Here's the story at Yahoo, It's a 50-50 Nation Give or Take

There are about 20 thousand comments there already but I can't wade through that lot.  Lot of opinion that the media has caused the divide.

I think it's pretty obvious myself.  The country has been getting more and more polarized by the push against Christian and traditional values that were held by a majority from the founding, the push that picked up big momentum in the sixties and keeps on going, fueled by propaganda that characterizes us as "haters" rather than the defenders of truth we are -- defenders of truth, social order, righteousness, which scripture says "exalts a nation" and certainly protects a nation against God's wrath;  the "salt" that keeps a nation from succumbing to rot through the fallen nature.  Now the nation is wide open for God's wrath.

The form of it that got up such a head of steam in the sixties, with all the "liberation" movements, should really be characterized as The Sin Liberation Movement as a whole.   We're now "liberated" to commit sexual sins with impunity that were opposed by ALL societies throughout history, though most strongly in Christian societies, until the last few decades, and "liberated" to murder our unborn babies, calling it "choice," etc.  "Liberated" BY THE GOVERNMENT you know.  If gay marriage becomes law it will be the GOVERNMENT sanctioning it, and it's primarily what the leadership does that calls down God's judgment against a nation. 

Opposition to this trend is what they are calling "hate" on the other side.  They'd kill us for our "hate."

A Christian absolutely CANNOT give in on these things and there are apparently quite a few nonbeliever traditionalists who feel the same way so far. That includes socialism versus free enterprise because socialism is basically theft by the government which is a violation of God's law. Name it, it's along these lines we are polarized. Good versus evil I call it.

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