Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Nation Voted for Judgment

In response to another conservative, whose opinion you can figure out from the response:

I agree the nation chose judgment, but in my opinion Romney would at best have been Judgment Lite anyway, a slower road to judgment. 

At one point he voted for late term abortion himself and for gay marriage.   The man changed with the wind.  Overall it seems he would have been better for the country, that his election would mean God was blessing us at least to some extent, but we have to remember that Romney also represents rejection of God and apostasy of the Church simply by being a Mormon.  One might say Obama's closet Muslim beliefs are worse but I'm not completely sure, in God's eyes.  Mormonism is a false representation of God, of Jesus Christ, of the gospel of salvation, even in a more direct and blasphemous way than Islam is, or at least AS bad.  (By the way there is an old book called Mormonism, America's Islam, sorry don't remember much about it I'll have to look it up). 

Our merely being stuck with the choice between Obama and Romney already demonstrates that the nation IS under judgment, or it could be said that in itself the choice IS judgment, both candidates representing God's displeasure with this nation.  In many ways Romney looked a lot better to conservative eyes, but I wonder if conservative eyes see much the way God's eyes do.

BUT I have to admit that we haven't had a President in many many years that could be said to have been in God's will anyway.  I won't speculate how far back.  We've been under judgment a long time. 

Again, the best Romney would have been is a slower approach to an increasingly horrible Judgment.

And then there's the further proof that we're on the slide to oblivion in the fact that Colorado and Washington legalized RECREATIONAL MARIJUANA.  Well, they don't know what they are doing, poor blind fallen people, but how fast we've slid toward the abode of demons!   Oh once-Christian America. 

I've got to admit I would have felt relieved if Romney had won but I'm not sure why or, to be more accurate, given what I've said above, it couldn't be a rational response.

3 PM Everybody I've heard from today has said, almost in the same words, "we're done, it's over."  America is gone forever.  The Obama people have no clue.  it's going to hit them too eventually.

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