Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fraud Fraud Fraud and More Fraud (but remember, God's allowing it as judgment)

Good post by one of the bloggers at Geeeez on the various reasons to suspect that the election of Obama was "engineered" shall we say, both this election and the 2008 election and that in fact Obama's entire career was engineered. Fraud fraud fraud.

I personally know of some people who are involved in the investigations of the most recent voter fraud in this election, but also the election that kept Harry Reid in office when Sharron Angle had the votes. Can it be proved? Well, even if it can be the proof will be attacked, twisted, smeared and "discredited" by more fraud. A few of us will know it for what it is, but is it going to matter?

Chris Pinto's radio show for the 19th dealt with the film made BY DEMOCRATS after Obama's election in '08 about voter fraud then that disenfranchised Hillary Clinton who by their reckoning rightly won the nomination.

This is terrible judgment indeed, Lord, will you never have mercy on us again, is it all over for good?

On this note, Geeez also has a post from yesterday quoting from Foursquare pastor and president Jack Hayford on how the Church is to blame for all this, and while I believe he's right in general I don't think he's seen the whole problem, about Christians who don't keep separate from the world and from false teachers which I've posted on recently.  In fact his own denomination is highly questionable in itself as well as in its acceptance of Catholicism, the likes of Benny Hinn and other apostate groups.

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