Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election night results so far. In spite of all attempts to destroy the system, elections still work (Thank You Lord)

I've been pulling back from politics for some time but this election couldn't be ignored, thanks to the Tea Party movement, so I've been following it fairly closely. Some great wins for my team, some really good guys getting into the Senate, and governorships and the House. And Nancy Pelosi is out because the Republicans won so many seats in the House. All to be happy for. Bad news of course is that Sharron Angle wasn't able to oust Harry Reid -- and that there is a strong likelihood of fraud in that contest too. That's maybe the worst part, the suspicion of fraud. And California got Jerry Brown back, that's really sad. But overall a loud objection to Obama's policies has been heard across the country.

I heard two conservatives give reasons why they decided not to vote, and I can only hope they don't represent greater numbers. One, on a political call-in, said it was because the REAL issues aren't being raised in this election, by which he meant internet neutrality, which to his mind trumps all the other issues. I have to admit to being completely boggled by that reason. The other was because he believes the whole thing is rigged so what's the point. Well, clearly the WHOLE thing isn't rigged, though some important races may unfortunately have been tampered with, and I hope that all comes to light very soon. It's illegal of course so if it does come to light then it ought to be prosecuted.

There are sometimes good reasons not to vote in a particular election but neither of these reasons is a good reason. In this election I didn't have a good reason not to vote, and many good reasons TO vote. I won't vote sometimes when I can't in good conscience support any of the candidates. I can't vote for someone who is for abortion for instance. But a violation of conscience is to my mind the only legitimate reason not to vote. Thinking your vote might not count because of fraud is discouraging of course, but it's hard to see how someone believes that every election across the country is rigged. There's still a good chance your vote WILL be counted.

Overall I think God is having mercy on us so far.

Listening to the comments that came into the talk programs from time to time I'd hear Democrats registering their disgust with the way the election was going. What stands out in their comments is their demonizing of their opponents, their attitude of sheer disdain and self-righteous moral indignation. Conservatives are evil people, according to them, there's not even a pretense of an attitude of graciousness toward the opponent, as in "may the best man win." Such civilities apparently no longer influence some on the Left. I was glad to see some Democrat candidates graciously conceding the election to their opponents in speeches at least. That was hopeful.

But that anyone could express such disdain for the other half of the country is still a very discouraging sign. The arrogance is breathtaking for one thing. It's not possible in their minds that the other side has even a shred of a legitimate concern. Terms they used were "selfish," "don't care about people" and so on.

Nov 4 got an email from a conservative political website I frequent:
Our country just took a step back from the brink.
That says it! A step back from the brink, yes. And what a relief! (Wonder how long it will last).
Exercising the common sense that has always been at the heart of our national character, Americans used the ballot to repudiate Barack Obama's efforts over the past two years to radically transform our society.
I had just about lost all hope that it was possible 1) for the American people to rise to the occasion, and 2) if they did, for the ballot boxes to be honest enough to register it.

(Whew! The system actually works? -- I'm afraid to say it above a whisper)

Got to be answer to all those prayers we've been sending up.

Now if only we could succeed at showing so many who have been duped by the Left what's wrong with that way of thinking.

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