Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Islamization of Paris -- the US to follow shortly

How can this be happening?


It's a policy of Islam of course, to take over the world by moving into countries one by one and gradually overwhelming them with greater population. Leftist policies, otherwise known as Political Correctness, have facilitated their aims over the last few decades, accelerating madly in just a few years it seems.

In this video we see some French protests against Islam finally, but is this going to have much effect in the end?

Not if Islamization is part of God's judgment on the West, as I believe it is.

We've lost our Christian character, so a satanic religion is going to move in and take over. Europe lost their Christian roots well before the US did, so judgment started there sooner and will catch up here later, although clearly it has already started here as well.

Since I've been doing some studies on the End Times recently, it just naturally popped into my mind that Islam is like the Abomination of Desolation standing in the holy place as it moves in where Christianity used to thrive but has been falling away.

We need a Christian take on this. Our God is the true God and Allah is a satanic invention who enslaves all who come under his spell. The Muslims need the true God but so does the dying West. So we should regard the Muslims as a mission field, but even before that we need to recognize that Europe as a whole is the mission field. Where are the missionaries equipped to go to them? Lord, send workers into the harvest.

Again I come back to the need for revival, the recovery of Christian spiritual power. I don't see it happening. And I keep discovering that I don't have the energy to pursue it myself either. How sad.

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