Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Judge acts tail wagging the nation -- knocking us all silly

And another post along the same lines as the previous post, Judge likely to deny gov't on gay troops order
RIVERSIDE, Calif. – A federal judge is expected to rule Tuesday on a government request to delay her order halting the military from enforcing its ban on openly gay troops — a request she has said she'll probably deny.

U.S. District Judge Virginia Phillips said Monday she would review the arguments from Justice Department lawyers.

"My tentative ruling is to deny the application for a stay," Phillips said at the start of Monday's hearing.

Phillips said the government has not proven that her order would harm troops or in any way impede efforts to implement new regulations for the military to deal with openly gay service members.
ONE JUDGE, ONE JUDGE, thinks she has the right to MAKE POLICY for the entire nation.

If we needed any more proof that our justice system is out of control, making law instead of interpreting law, putting itself above the other branches of government and the people of the United States, this is it. LETTING ONE JUDGE, ONE SINGLE JUDGE, NOT EVEN A WHOLE COURT OF JUDGES, have such power, is nuts beyond description.

The arrogance and self-righteousness in her attitude is absolutely breathtaking, but the fact that this is being treated as legal business as usual is even more staggering.

How right Thomas Jefferson was to warn about an unrestrained judiciary. How stupid we all are these days that such a thing can be done without objections being screamed from the four corners of the nation.

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