Thursday, November 4, 2010

More Election Ebullience

Thank You Lord for this reprieve. I just hope it isn't too short-lived. I hope we can follow through and get America on the right track again. I hope we can have a revival too, as that is the surest way to get the nation on track.

I'm feeling optimistic enough to post a video about leftist thinking, hoping maybe finally it's on its way to being exposed and destroyed:

Found that at Front Page Mag . They are ecstatic too of course. I think I'll just put up links to some of their articles: Lame Duck Season , A Turn to the Right , Return of the Right , The November 3rd Contract with America, and David Horowitz's own essay, A Historic Election, an Early Thanksgiving.

I've been SO depressed over where this country has been going, WHAT good news for a change.

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