Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Trump and the Christian

I'm not completely decided about Trump, but since many Christians are taking sides against him I thought I should ponder the situation and give an opinion.

Even at this point, though, my opinion is pretty clear. I might be talked out of it I suppose but what I think right now is clear enough:

A Christian can't vote for someone who advocates policies that violate God's Law, such as abortion, fetal stem cell research, gay marriage etc. If I find out he supports issues I consider to be contrary to Christian standards then I couldn't vote for him.

As for the man's many sins, it would be nice to have a squeaky-clean one-woman man with no adulteries or divorces, but although character is important I don't think it should be a barrier to voting for him.  At least he seems pretty stable at the moment.

What about the bullying style? My feeling about that is that it's geared to the situation he's challenging. In other words I suspect it's a strategy more than it is a personality trait. That is, he's up against Leftist political correctness which answers all conservative concerns with personal accusations of racism or Islamophobia or xenophobia or homophobia or prejudice, or hatred or bigotry and so on. All personal smears meant to discredit and intimidate instead of responses to the issues. Trump's aggressive rebuffs to Leftist arguments in general seem to be the only thing that's ever worked against that kind of tactic. He doesn't back down in the face of those personal smears. I think that's admirable, or at least impressively effective.

The main thing I've heard that gives me pause about supporting him is that he isn't on Israel's side, which he thinks insults the Palestinians, which shows an abysmal lack of understanding of the Middle East situation that could turn me against him. Perhaps he can be persuaded out of it if he gets to know more about the true history of the region.

He has other flaws and I suppose I might eventually have to vote against him for those or others as I find out about them, but at the moment his attitude toward Israel is the only potential barrier.

So at the moment I'm for him. He's the most effective voice out there for issues that concern conservatives such as national security, illegal immigration and so on. It would be very nice to have a President who cared about protecting the nation instead of protecting our enemies against us.

Sometimes I think Trump is God's mercy to the nation. Other times I wonder if he's a test. I hope it's the former, but either way he's the most interesting thing to happen to politics in a long time.

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