Tuesday, March 22, 2016

"Stop Trump?" Freedom of Speech even on the Right only for the Politically Correct

Shutting people up who disagree with them is such an obvious tactic of the Left what's amazing is that they have no conscience about it. They can preach freedom of speech based on the Constitution out of one side of their mouths and deny it to their opponents out of the other. Their verbal assaults alone seem to have the objective of intimidating a person into silence.

Since we're all "morons" for thinking as we do, there's certainly no room there for a civil conversation about the issues.  If we're always only motivated by bias or prejudice of some kind, whether racial or religious or cultural or whatever, that pretty much ends the possibility of our ever saying anything they'd take seriously doesn't it?  They of course have all reason on their side, we have none.

And that is how they justify denying us the right of free speech.  If nothing we say is to be regarded as intelligent thoughtful reasoned opinion, what recourse is possible but to obliterate it completely?   Either by excoriating language that would break bones and draw blood if it could, or by "nonviolent" protests that aim to shut up conservative speakers, which is standard Leftist totalitarianism, what we see in the Left is the policies of Communism in action, and Fascism too for that matter.  Shut us up, they get to define what's right and true and we're not it.

I expect this from the Left, but when the Republicans organize themselves to "Stop Trump" I'm rather stunned.  Stop the man who has attracted so much support from conservatives?  Wouldn't you think  they'd be ashamed of their own failure to win us instead of trying to bully out a "victory" in spite of us?  What do they think is going to come of all those who have supported Trump if they succeed in shutting him up?  We're going to rally to THEIR cause?  Are they going to be surprised if Hillary is the next President or would they actually prefer her to Trump?  Really?

Here's a good article from Front Page on what's at stake if we tolerate these attacks on free speech:
Arrest the Thugs

Trump’s opponents, both Republican and Democrat, and the Obama administration should realize what’s at stake – if, that is, they have any interest in preserving the American tradition of non-violent political disagreement. The unseemly haste of Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and John Kasich to blame Trump’s rhetoric for the violent shutdown of his Chicago rally is extraordinarily disappointing: they should realize that the same violence can and will be turned against them if they stray too far from the thugs’ idea of what constitutes acceptable political discourse.

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