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The Nice Cardinal Dolan So Nicely Advocates Killing America


Anybody remember Jesuit "Professor of Constitutional Law" Louis Michael Seidman who advocated scrapping the Constitution a little over a year ago? Anybody care? Isn't there a pattern here?

So far I haven't seen him identified as a Jesuit but he teaches at Georgetown University which IS Jesuit, and here's an article at their website about Seidman's views on the Constitution.

There's plenty more stuff on him through Google. 

The amendment to the Constitution I would suggest is incorporating the laws of the Colonies against allowing Catholics any political power in the United States.  I'd also prohibit them from founding and teaching in universities.  Too late of course, the wolf is in the sheepfold, has been for a LONG time, idiots that we are.

Good thing nobody reads my blogs or I'd soon be dead. 

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Happened to check out Fox News online earlier, and happened to see this headline, Catholics 'Outmarketed' on Gay Marriage, wondered what on earth THAT means so I read the article.  And I still don't know for sure what it means.
NEW YORK – New York's Cardinal Timothy Dolan says the Roman Catholic Church has been "outmarketed" on the issue of gay marriage and has been "caricatured as being anti-gay."
I have to suppose he means that the RCC's position on traditional marriage is not getting good PR these days but the way he's phrased it I can't be sure of that at all.  If that's what he's saying, at the same time he doesn't want it to mean that the RCC is "anti-gay" although of course it has to mean that they treat homosexual acts as sin.  Again I can't really be sure.   It sounds like Jesuitical gobbledygook to me, which gets even more confusing as I read on.

Asked if he thinks gay marriage will eventually be legalized or opposed by a backlash, he said:
"I think I'd be a Pollyanna to say that there doesn't seem to be kind of a stampede to do this," Dolan said. "I regret that."
Excuse me?  There ISN'T a stampede to do WHAT?  To oppose gay marriage by a backlash?  And it makes him a Pollyanna to say that?  That part I can't make sense of at all.  But I have to suppose he means something along these lines although I must say the way it actually reads says something different:  it actually sounds like he regrets that there isn't a stampede to legalize gay marriage.  I have to assume he can't mean that but that's how it reads to me. 

Is it possible that he WANTS to be confusing, even misunderstood, so that he can't be blamed for saying something outright that the RCC officially opposes while at the same time perhaps aligning himself with this current Pope who recently said "Who am I to judge" about homosexuality.  Is he taking lessons from the Jesuits on how to say something so that he can't be pinned down, so that you could think MAYBE he even supports gay marriage although if you said so in so many words he could tell you you're wrong?  Or am I just letting my anti-Catholicism carry me away?

But really, I don't know how the interviewer could have continued in the face of such gobbledygook.   This interview is going to be aired on Sunday on "Meet the Press" by the way.  I don't have television but maybe I can catch it online.

I'm sure the RCC wouldn't want to be "caricatured as anti-gay" since after all this is the "Church," you understand, that has had scandal after scandal over homosexual priests molesting young boys, and covered it up, even moving their priests to other parishes where they can continue to molest boys because nobody knows who they are. 

Yet the RCC still receives respect and admiration from the press.

But then the conversation switches to Obama's health care mess.
On another divisive issue, Dolan said the Catholic Church has long championed comprehensive health care, but he said U.S. Catholic bishops cannot support the Affordable Care Act as long as it includes coverage for abortion.

He said the bishops started "bristling" at the legislation pushed by President Barack Obama because "it's excluding the undocumented immigrant and it's excluding the unborn baby."
Aw, doesn't that just warm the cockles of your heart, that the RCC cares about unborn babies so much -- and indeed they have a reputation for being against abortion, so well have they crafted their image in that respect, despite some very dark history that many Catholics know nothing about, let alone the rest of us:  that sexual license between nuns and priests in the convents over many centuries produced many babies that were summarily murdered by soft-hearted mother superiors as soon as they were born.  There are references to these things in many OLD books, some of which I've listed at the Catholicism blog, (Washington in the Lap of Rome comes to mind and you can find others at Chris Pinto's sites) although history books over the last century or so have been scrubbed clean of such facts.   You can even find the testimony given in the 1950s of Sister Charlotte, a nun who escaped from a closed convent to tell of priests sexually exploiting nuns among other enormities --  Can it be that Cardinal Dolan doesn't know about these things?  It's remotely possible I suppose.

But beyond that his concern for "undocumented immigrants," that is ILLEGAL aliens, he thinks should be covered by this health care plan, ought to get your hackles up if you care at all about the laws of the United States.  Leftists and Catholics WANT a bazillion illegals in this country as part of the plan to destroy the American economy.  Keep in mind that the "undocumented immigrants" he's talking about are coming in from traditionally CATHOLIC countries.  Golly gee, it couldn't be that there's a CONSPIRACY afoot here, could it?  This is the most OVERT way the nice Cardinal comes out and says he wants America destroyed.  PROTESTANT America of course.  Turning it into a Catholic style third world country would be fine with him.

The original colonies had the right idea:  Catholics were not allowed to have any sort of political influence in this originally Protestant nation.  Well they finagled it into the Constitution and everybody thinks it's SO nice that we are SO tolerant of wolves that want only to destroy the nation.

But isn't this Cardinal Dolan such a NICE guy, such a charming guy.  Most Americans don't care about the history of these things anyway, so when the Inquisition comes and gets all us Protestants first it won't bother them a lot anyway.  

Bye bye America.  That's what this blog is about after all, although when I started it I didn't know just how many enemies trying to bring us down we actually have.

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