Thursday, November 28, 2013

Pope Aligns Himself With the Anti-Capitalists and Rush Limbaugh Objects

Yesterday I heard that Rush Limbaugh was on the Pope's case for denouncing Capitalism.  Apparently he said he admires the Catholic Church and some past Popes and even this Pope until he came off like any Marxist making Capitalism the cause of all the poverty in the world.

Rush has a large audience but nothing like the Pope's audience.  This Pope has been playing to atheists and homosexuals and now he's playing to Marxists and anti-Americans and really, when you get behind the curtain, he's playing to anti-Christians.  This is the first Pope to be so openly anti-Christ it ought to be apparent at least to Christians, though unfortunately we can't really count on that either.

Anyway it's no surprise that Rush doesn't have that much discernment, but at least he was willing to object when the Pope so openly aligned himself against Capitalism.  Apparently the Pope condemned "unfettered capitalism" as this great evil, although there is really no such thing as "unfettered" capitalism, and as Rush pointed out, the phrase itself can only be meant to target America, the greatest national testimony to capitalist methods in the world.

So Rush said what needed to be said about the virtues of Capitalism, how in fact not only does it not promote poverty but historically it has done more for the poor than any other economic system in the world.  The Pope had specifically objected to the idea of "trickle-down economics" and Rush defended it as how Capitalism works and how it benefits the poor. 

One thing Rush doesn't know and most of us haven't known either  --  I've only been learning it over the last year or so --  is that official Catholic economic doctrine is socialist.  There are Catholics of course who fervently support Capitalism, but I'm talking about official Vatican doctrine here.  They have two reasons to hate Capitalism -- 1)  it opposes their own official economic doctrine, and 2) it's a product of the Protestant Reformation.   It's those former Popes Rush admires for their support of Capitalism who are out of step with the Vatican, while this Jesuit Pope is quite in tune with it.

It would be good to put up some links for all these assertions and I hope I'll have the time to do that eventually, but meanwhile I'd refer you to the book Ecclesiastical Megalomania by John Robbins, which I have listed in the margin at my Catholicism blog.

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