Sunday, March 11, 2012

The pagan underworld revealed

UPDATE: Hey, go listen to Chris Pinto's radio broadcast for today 3/12/12, Who Are They Hiding It From? This is the third part of a series he's doing to answer a critic of his analysis of the American founders as not Christian, all of which is worth listening to, but the reason I'm saying this here is that after the halfway point he gets into how he believes that the Constitution was cleverly designed to accomplish just what we are facing in this country -- the disenfranchisement of Christianity. That has certainly seemed possible to me, either that or the founders stupidly didn't anticipate that effect, didn't know that's what they were doing. But now I'm convinced they did, they sold out the Christian foundations of this country and we are now suffering the consequences of their ANTI-Christian machinations. And I have to add that if the secularists and atheists think that's a good thing THEY need to learn something about the BASIS on which they did this because it was far more occultic than secularist, and we're also now getting all the satanic occultic religions demanding rights. Wait till they finally experience what that REALLY means.

March 13th broadcast continues the same subject. In this one he focuses on an article by David Barton about how Obama is the most anti-Biblical President we've ever had. The evidence against Obama is certainly enormous, but Pinto objects to the fact that Barton has fed us seriously out-of-context quotes that ignore the outrageous blasphemies of the most prominent Founding Fathers, making the focus on Obama well, perhaps a tad hypocritical. Jefferson and Adams were both American Presidents who aggressively and blasphemously denied the foundations of the Christian faith. Obama is if anything following in their footsteps at least by his actions if not his actual statements which he tries to keep vague enough not to step too hard on Christian toes.

March 11:
Gotta say, the revelations coming out about the pagan origins of America are breathtaking, and not just America but we're talking worldwide influence. Stuff you've heard about all your life that's been off on the fringes of experience, that you didn't understand and didn't have much curiosity about either, are suddenly coming into acute focus for me (AMORC?). All the pagan symbolism connected with America, gods and goddesses, characters placed alongside Moses on the Supreme Court building frieze as if equal to the great Biblical lawgiver -- Mohammed? -- even the architecture, Greek, Egyptian, the symbolism on our money.

Then when you do get a glimmer of the implications you still don't really get it because you think it's ancient and dead and now has ONLY symbolic value. But recently it has all been coming into focus as this huge REAL expression of what the Fall was all about -- the ownership of the human race by Satan, the worship of Satan, the attempt to make the world in Satan's image. Historical figures you had come to believe were Christian, based on solid Biblical quotations from them, turn out to be something else, people who combined Biblical knowledge with ancient pagan lore and were basically committed followers of Satan.

Atlantis?? Never in my wildest dreams would that ancient legend have turned out to have a reality pertinent to my own time. Actually it had occurred to me that it might reflect a memory of the pre-Flood world, and it turns out it was that in spades, way beyond anything I could have begun to think. But it also turns out there have been serious occult attempts to revive the ancient kingdom -- in America!

Well, if we already knew we were in the end times, now we ought to have no doubt whatever, as these threads of human "wisdom" are revealed to have had passionate advocates and adepts all along, involved in all of human history, right up to the present.

Seems to me this stuff did have to start being revealed on the very threshold of the revelation of the Antichrist. Hidden lore, the demonic source of the supernatural tricks the evil one will be capable of, and all packaged in high-flown rhetoric about bringing peace on earth, uniting the human race under a global ideal social structure, celebrating all the highest achievements of mankind culturally and intellectually and socially and scientifically. What a package! It will seduce many.

Unless they look to Christ for salvation from the bondage to Satan it's really all about.

I'm referring mostly to information I've been gleaning from talks and productions by Chris Pinto. He's an unusually trustworthy and thorough researcher in my experience, reading complete documents instead of just excerpts, some pretty heavy-going stuff too, checking many sources to be sure he isn't missing anything, finding out-of-the-way expert information more superficial researchers would miss, doesn't take first impressions for gospel truth as I've found too many do.

I found a lot of his work at You Tube and I did embed it here, but now realize that's illegal. He sells his material. Unfortunately I can't afford it, but I also shouldn't display it here. I'll leave a couple of the links up at least but they probably won't stay live for long.

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