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What is Political Correctness REALLY?

Buz, one of the Christian creationists at EvC is getting accused of being a racist. I haven't seen anything he's said that justifies that accusation myself, but it's typical of EvC political correctness to accuse Christians and conservatives of it.

But then along comes this poster who thinks it's BUZ who's being politically correct, completely reversing the actual meaning of the term. I've seen this mistake made elsewhere from time to time, so I figure I should do what I can to set the record straight.

The definition was given a decade or so ago by William Lind, and he continues to speak on the same subject. When I first read his classic piece on it I was impressed at how he'd explained my own experience and identified recognizable causes going back to the sixties where all that leftist caustic self-righteous rhetoric was first getting spewed. Yep, Cultural Marxism, it was part of the air I had to breathe in the sixties. Lind traces it back to WWI but it came to full flower in the 60s. Yep, it's designed to intimidate, to bully and force its own narrow perspective on the world, and that perspective is, in a nutshell, Whatever Will Destroy Western Civilization.

THIS is political correctness, Bill Lind's classic essay on the subject.

And here I found a video of him giving the same talk.

And here's a better video of the same material, using old news footage and interviews with relevant people.

Yep, accusing people OF racism -- or sexism or "bigotry" -- is political correctness. Excoriating people for opposing gay marriage is political correctness for instance, or illegal immigration -- that's racism according to them; or abortion -- that's hatred of women according to them. But it's always WHITE PEOPLE that get accused. There is no such thing as racism or bigotry otherwise, it's specifically a disease of white people according to Cultural Marxism (hear Lind out to the end); There is no such thing as "intolerance" if you're a leftist either, even though lefties are the most intolerant of all of anything that disagrees with their leftism; "intolerance" is specifically something only a conservative European white person can commit. The whole point of Cultural Marxism is to destroy Western Civilization, the work of "white people" (talk about your racism, THEY've got it in spades) and of course particularly the work of "Christianity" (despite the many other threads that contributed to Western Civilization.)

They are knocking themselves out inventing accusations of poor old Buz at EvC. Whatever he says they find some way to turn into racism or religious intolerance or something. He contributes to black causes? It's racist of him to mention that they are "black" at all. He contributes to Voice of the Martyrs that works on behalf of Christians of all races across the world. That's "religious intolerance" because they work for Christians. Never mind that VOM was conceived as an aid to Christian martyrs and it makes no sense to ask them to do something else. The fact that the lefties are viciously intolerant of Buz's views is of no concern to them -- catch crashfrog doing the PC number against him, he's got it down to a science of the most caustic possible language in the service of his self-righteousness. Because they KNOW they are RIGHT. Cultural Marxism says so. And they don't even know they've been propagandized and are just spouting the party line and bringing down what was for the most part their own civilization on their own heads.

And so on. It's all about EXCORIATING people from a position of LEFTIST self-righteousness. (Or writing laws against them and putting them in prison for it, or cutting off their heads or whatnot). EvC is amazing in its fidelity to the idiom. (One could of course point out the connection between leftism and evolutionism, and atheism too for that matter, as they're blind to those connections too, and trying to do that will get you quite a bracing blast of righteous indignation).

Not many posts go by there these days before somebody is up on his leftist high horse blasting some poor hapless conservative or Christian in the most caustic tones of high and mighty righteousness for violating one of the tenets of PC.

Here's what this very confused poster had to say:
To be fair, buz is just being politically correct. And this is exactly the reason I am so opposed to this politically correct culture that we've evolved into. It's ok to be racist, bigot, homophobic, sexist, etc. as long as you put your words in a politically correct phrasing. Look at all the republican candidates. They are a bunch of racists and bigots, but since they are also masters of political correctness, they are presidential candidates.
No no no, you've got it all backwards, being racist, bigoted, homophobic or sexist, whether covertly or overtly, is NOT political correctness. DENOUNCING people for being racist, bigoted, homophobic or sexist is PC. In fact this very paragraph is a masterpiece of PC. And of course 999 out of 1000 times the terms don't fit the accused at all, they're just part of the PC Conformist bag the Left is determined to hang around the necks of conservatives. Not ONE of the Republican candidates deserves any of those epithets, and neither does Buz, but the Thought Police that enforce the PC codes are determined to pillory them for violating those codes. That's where we've come in America -- and the West in general -- today.

So read Bill Lind, and listen to him. If you're one of the EvC type -- duped by the Cultural Marxists and now propagandizing their message -- you won't like it at all, but the fact remains that it's YOU who are PC, and Christians and conservatives are not, we are the victims of PC, of Leftist-minded bullies and totalitarians. That's just the facts of the matter, that's the history of the matter, try as you might to rewrite it to suit yourself.

Who are the real racists these days? The people who come up with stuff like Political Correctness. The Frankfurt School was out to get the White Race (racism there, right? Absolutely but not according to the inventors of PC who made the White Race the ONLY race capable of racism by definition. Clever eh?). Their reason was their fear of anti-semitism but they weren't waiting around to see if any real anti-semitism was going to come out of America, or out of post-Nazi Europe, they were going to make sure the white race (racism, again) and the culture it had built collapsed -- which has just about been achieved.

Susan Sontag wasn't a member of the Frankfurt School but she had the same mentality: As Wikipedia put it:
Sontag drew critism for writing in the 1967 Partisan Review that:
"Mozart, Pascal, Boolean algebra, Shakespeare, parliamentary government, baroque churches, Newton, the emancipation of women, Kant, Balanchine ballets, et al. don't redeem what this particular civilization has wrought upon the world. The white race is the cancer of human history."[21]
According to journalist Christopher Hitchens, Sontag later recanted this statement, saying that "it slandered cancer patients".[22]
It's PC to hate the WHITE race. That's the only racism going down these days.

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