Friday, December 28, 2012

Suzanna Gratia Hupp, Defender of Second Amendment Gun Rights

Thank You, Lord, that we are hearing from some good defenders of our gun rights in the wake of this latest horrendous murder spree. That is a mercy from God. We could be hearing nothing but the gun control mob who are trying to set us up for the final destruction of this country. Oh I'm still convinced it's coming, I don't see signs of any turning back, but thank You, Lord, for mercies along the way.

So here's Suzanna Gratia Hupp who was with her parents in a cafeteria in Texas twenty years ago when one of these crazy guys came in shooting and killed them along with over twenty others.

First an interview by a CNN reporter who gets weirdly defensive at Suzanna's attempt to explain that typical media terms like "assault weapons" are made up.

Then we see Suzanna at a congressional hearing on gun control only a couple years after her parents were gunned down.

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