Friday, August 31, 2012

The Illogic of the "Right" to Abortion: Do Women REALLY Want the "Choice" to Kill Their Own Babies?

"But it's a human being" says the show host. "So is the woman," says the "pro-choice" guest. And she wants to be sure that THIS human being's "rights" are protected. It's considered a great evil and something women will vote against, to deny them this "right" to abortion.

Obviously they just aren't thinking this through. Even some on the "pro-choice" side will admit that yes, we're talking about a living human being in the womb here, but they go right on past that to assert that the woman is ALSO a living human being and HER rights count TOO, or even MORE, and so on and so forth, just sailing right on past the implication that they are advocating KILLING that OTHER human being in order to protect the woman's "rights" (and often these days killing it in viciously brutal ways too, even when the child is near to being born).

Do women REALLY want the right to commit MURDER? I don't think so. I think we've been sold a lie, and a great ideological fog has descended over this issue.

Do we have such murdering hearts? There was a time, and in fact it may still go on in some parts of the world, when unwanted infants were put out to die after birth. If they'd had safe means of abortion they'd no doubt have killed their babies that way, but infanticide was the option at the time. I think it's hard today, even for the most committed "pro-choice" advocate, to imagine doing that with a clear conscience, one has to imagine a completely other mental set than we have grown up with today in a western society, to commit out and out murder of an infant. Don't most of us want to rush to the abandoned infant and save it and protect it? I think we do. Yes, even the "pro-choicers" do.

We can SEE the humanness of the born infant and can be moved by its plight. But we are committing that same murder in abortion nevertheless, only we're hiding it from ourselves because the unborn baby isn't visible. Truly it must be "visible" in a certain sense to our "mind's eye," but ideology has twisted things so that we ignore that picture. We keep the focus on the woman and her "rights" and manage to fog over the fact that this "right," this "choice" that is being advocated in such tones of righteous indignation is in fact a right and a choice to commit the killing of another human being -- and not just some anonymous human being either, whose life we should want to protect anyway, but your own flesh and blood, your own child. Even when they seem to acknowledge this fact they run right past it showing they haven't really let themselves think about its implications. We don't dare stop and think too hard about that these days, we must preserve it as a "woman's" issue, a "right" or a "choice."

Sometimes you'll hear someone say in serious or even mournful tones that whether or not to abort a baby is a very "private" and "personal" decision, and a very "difficult" choice that people must make, not something to be done lightly. Which superficially seems to acknowledge the moral dimension of the problem, but if you REALLY think it through, it's like saying "It's a very difficult personal choice to kill a human being, and we should respect people's privacy about such an important decision."

Why is it this is not recognized as what is really being said? Because we're not allowed to think it. Ideological fog.

Even the child of rape or incest is a human being. If you know that how can you grant the "right" to kill THAT child either?

Again, knowing that, recognizing that, is what doesn't happen because the propaganda, the ideology, operates to prevent it.

It's sad when an unwanted child is conceived, whatever the reason for its not being wanted. It's sad for the child and it's sad for the parent or parents. It is a hardship for some women when that happens, although face it, for most these days it's not really a hardship, it's more an inconvenience, and yet murdering it is considered the "righteous" thing to do.

The whole thing goes back to the promotion of "sexual freedom" of course, but that's another topic for another time --but I'll mention that you might want to see Chris Pinto's film The Kinsey Syndrome for some insight into that evil movement that is destroying America. A stable prosperous society requires traditional marriage and traditional laws that confine sex to marriage.

But right now I just want to keep the fact up front that abortion kills a human being, and that women are NOT being done any favors by being given the "right" or the "choice" to commit murder. There are plenty of stories of women who later regretted having had an abortion, to the point of deep depression over it, when the truth of it got through to them. This is the TRUE heart of most women.

We've been sold a lie.

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