Thursday, July 26, 2012

Threats to America: Gun Control, Mormonism (Ecumenism)

Two separate issues that were recently talked about on internet radio programs I listen to frequently, both current, both real threats to the foundations of America.


Chris Pinto is talking about the shooting in Aurora Colorado at the opening of the film The Dark Knight, and how this could play into the globalist agenda to restrict gun ownership in America. He gives historical background and statistics.

Scott Johnson, talking about the same event in Colorado, brings in the possibility that it was staged. He gives evidence of the participation of a second party that the mainstream media aren't talking about.


Brannon Howse's program on Worldview Weekend for July 25th is covering Glenn Beck's Restoring Love Rally coming up on the 28th, as well as a separate event that features some well-known evangelical leaders along with various wolves in sheep's clothing that is billed as somehow connected with though not part of Glenn Beck's rally.

Of particular interest to me in this discussion is the clip of former Mormon leader and US political leader Ezra Taft Benson speaking to a Mormon gathering back in 1965 (Howse keeps putting it up in the 70s), an impassioned patriotic talk that denounces "godless communism" and quotes Mormon documents as equal to scripture. He calls the American Constitution divinely inspired and invokes the prophecy of Joseph Smith that says the Mormon Church is going to save the endangered Constition. Well, there's no doubt it's endangered now and has been for a long time, but do we want it saved by Mormonism? Are evangelicals today that corrupted and misled?

The Worldview Weekend talk will be available without charge for only two weeks as usual, but parts of the talk by Benson can be found at You Tube and a fuller version here.

As I listened to this I just kept thinking Why did I have to wait until 2012 when we have a Mormon running for President and a very popular Mormon talk show host speaking for conservatism, to begin to grasp the connection between conservatism and Mormonism and what a threat it is to America? Every day it seems I learn something new that I should have heard of years ago if the Church had been doing its work of warning us. I did learn about the false teaching of Mormonism in general, but not its political agenda.

I had an email relationship for years with a Mormon with whom I could agree on political issues just about totally, but we battled to the death (of our friendship) about the nature of the gospel. Same with an orthodox Jew I'd also met online. I liked both of these men a great deal and agreed with both of them politically, but my determined defense of the gospel finally brought our friendship to an end in both cases. It was a great opportunity to hone my biblical skills and I only wish the Lord had seen fit to use my efforts to save these men but it wasn't to be -- at that time anyway.

There is a huge Catholic presence in conservatism these days as well, and the same situation applies. We can join on political issues but we must part company when it comes to the gospel.

MUST. And what Glenn Beck has been doing is promoting not just a political coalition of conservatives but a religious and spiritual coalition in which he aggressively asserts unity between Mormons and Catholics and true Christians, and Christians are falling for it, some of them joining with him in his aggressive ecumenicism.

Brannon Howse's discussion focuses on the compromises within the evangelical church in the service of patriotism and conservatism.

There is no hope for America unless the Church is strong and true to the gospel, politics is useless without this. A compromised ecumenical Church is useless, even just another cause for God to bring punishment against the nation.

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