Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Just Another In-Your-Face Obama Birthplace Smoking Gun, Ho Hum

Yeah, I heard a few days ago about the latest evidence of Obama's having been born in Kenya -- that blurb for a book he was writing back in 1991. Quite flatly declared him Kenya-born. Didn't really make much of a blip on my radar screen. So what else is new? We've known this a long time. There have been many smoking gun revelations already, stuff we'd hear about that would then just disappear, immediately buried, aggressively denied. The Kenyan grandmother who said she'd seen him in the hospital when he was born, the Kenyan memorial to his birth out of pride that a son of theirs had achieved so much in America, the mailman who was told by a young foreign student named Obama that he expected to be President one day, the Hawaiian birth certificate that even I could see was forged (I put it up somewhere on this blog. Yawn.) One proof after another makes the news and then just dies.

Truth does not stand a chance in these last days. And all this IS evidence that the last days is exactly where we are.

So Scott Johnson did a report on it this week, and he's covered all those past proofs going back years, it's all there. He's got his PDF document on it as well as his audio report, so you can print it out if you want to have it all at your fingertips just to convince yourself you're not crazy after all, something to have after they take down the internet and execute Scott Johnson just as they did Andrew Breitbart, then Sheriff Arpaio, and so on, or whatever, there it is. Go for it.

I'm glad there are people fighting this stuff but obviously it's a lost cause. Powerful interests either don't care or they want it this way. There are people who are actually happy to think we have a President from a foreign country, happy to see our Constitution blatantly violated, globalists who can't wait for American sovereignty to collapse altogether. Like the American dollar, soon after the collapse of the Euro, coming up soon on the agenda.

Then Obama's Muslim Kenyan cousin politician (Odinga or something like that?) who murdered Christians by burning them alive in their church building, can come to America and do the same, and Obama will light the torch himself.


5/25: And, of course, nothing is being made of the new revelation. In any other time this would be an outrage. In these days of putting good for evil and evil for good it's just business as usual.

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  1. You definitely understand what's going on, CONNIE. I know that God knows and it's all in His Hands and coming to pass according to His timing, but I still can't help feeling frustrated at times.

    It does seem to me that a supernatural mask that has made most men blind.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'