Saturday, August 28, 2010

America: another worldly prop pulled out from under us

I wrote about Glenn Beck and his Restoring Honor rally at Faith's Corner earlier today but I want to say a few words about it here too.

As a political conservative I enjoy Glenn Beck and wish I could support him. For the most part I have supported him, at least tacitly, because I like his general take on our political mess. But as today's rally approached I found myself feeling less than enthused. I watched some of it, a couple hours worth I think, and kept having this unhappy feeling about it, slight but definitely there. I WANT to support this. There are some genuine Christians there after all. I love Alveda King for instance. I love David Barton for instance (I missed his talk though, also missed Sarah Palin's).

So I had to come to terms with my own oddly conflicted feelings. I had to think hard about it. He's a Mormon. Does that REALLY matter when he's doing such a good job, a job nobody else is doing, of defending the political causes that matter to me, to the Right? Clearly some Christians say it doesn't matter. Some are up on that stage, many are no doubt among the throng below.

Do they know what Mormons believe? I wonder. But I have to admit that it doesn't matter whether they know or not, some of us DO know and Christians absolutely cannot align ourselves with them. The more I thought about it the more clearly I saw that there's no way a Christian can join with Beck in his religious assertions. Politics, patriotism, OK up to a point, but the Restoring Honor rally was full of God talk, pretty generic nondenominational type God talk, but still I KNOW what Mormons believe, I know they don't mean what I mean with that God talk. I CAN'T join with Mormons on the subject of God. Absolutely cannot.

It's hard for us who have been so strongly supporting the conservative cause, and really do want God back in American life - but we do NOT want the Mormon God and that's what Beck represents.

Another worldly hope, another idolatry for us to let go of, I believe that's what this is. It's a hard one to give up, very hard, but after thinking about it all day I've managed to separate myself from it bit by bit. God wants all of us, not part of us, He doesn't want to share us even with America and He's making that harder and harder for us these days. That's what I think now. The Left wants us marginalized and they're doing a great job of it too. Islam is on the ascendancy. It shouldn't be too long before Christians have just about no moorings left in this world.

That's when our faith is going to be tested for sure.

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