Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Watching America go down.

Here I'm just going to link to Z's blog for information about just how close to Too Late America is getting. She covers all the relevant current events, as do the many blogs she follows, listed down the right margin -- many of them are very good though I don't take the time to review political blogs very much. The point is that anyone who wants to keep up with the horror story of what's happening to America can get a full education by following out her links.

Me, I'm focusing more and more on the only hope possible, true revival. It's about America but it's far more about the church which is in horribly bad shape, completely unable to respond with the necessary power to the current deterioration of the nation, and really, more fundamentally, are we even the Bride of Christ He is soon going to come for? The church you read about in the New Testament is not the church we have today. The church you read about in books about revivals is not the church we have today. America may well go under because of our lack of power and focus, because God is not present with us as He should be if we were living as we should be.


  1. Amen. God is about to arise in the Greatest Awakening ever on the Christians on the land of the USA. It is TOO LATE for the USA. She shall BURN in the wrath fire judgment of God. However, the Spirit of the Lord shall arise upon the Christians of the USA in power unprecedented in human history of the New Testament - and the greatest Christian nation in history, in one moment, shall arise.


    Your prayers have all been heard... I sense the Lord confirming.

    God bless.

  2. Oh nonsense, Susie Q. I long for a Great Awakening and I fear we may be getting judgment instead, but the kind of charismatic prophesying you believe in I left behind a long time ago. It's a deception. I've never seen one such prophecy come true.

    Anything that feeds some idea of God's doing great things through you is something you should treat with great doubt and much testing, but you seem to take it straight.

    I see at your blog that you claim to have been taken to heaven as a child. I know of two others who claim such an experience, one as an adult though, and when you test both experiences you find they are clearly the work of deceiving spirits.

    If I were you I'd do just that, test those experiences very carefully. There are parts of them that don't line up with scripture and you are simply ignoring those parts, I can just about guarantee that.

  3. thanks for the link, Faith..I'm just seeing this now.....SEPTEMBER? Sorry.
    It IS a 'horror story' , isn't it.....and it is more important to be praying for revival; that is the ONLY thing that'll save us.
    Yet, I see small things like the fact that I think the left is 'out lefting' the left..and Americans don't like it...I think the Sestak situation and the Oil situation are waking Americans UP to OBama's deceit and lack of leadership and ..who knows......maybe that's a GOD THING?

  4. Hi Z, thanks for your comment here.

    I'm sorry I didn't see it until now, I so rarely get comments, but it is appreciated.

    I'm going to have to set things up so I get notified of comments somehow but I'm not very savvy about these things.